For the people that are receiving fish from me, do not float the bag(s) in your tank. They are breather bags and cannot be floated as they will suffocate the fish. Open the bag and take out the fish into a container and acclimation from there. The reason I use breather bags is that they are better than poly bags. No splashing, stressing out the fish, and fish usually last longer during transit. I had some fish take almost two weeks in the mail and they survived! Let me know if you have any questions about breather bags.

More free plants:

Okay no photos to show you the amount of moss but I do have some (golfball size) java/christmas moss mixed with some dwarf water lettuce and about four frogbit (what you see in the photo). FREE for local pickup in 93650 or shipping of $8 for USPS priority to 48 cont. states. I am only accepting PayPal for shipping. Expect hair algae, snail eggs, etc. I do not have styrofoam for insulation so please check your weather and make sure someone is home to receive. I will not be able to make a trip to the hardware store until the week after this coming up one. I rather send this out ASAP as I have the plants in a bucket. Message me located at top left corner of my tumblr.


I know not everyone will like this, but I wanted to say something about the fish community…


When I first found tumblr’s fish community, I was excited and surprised to see how many younger fish keepers were on here. Most everyone on here is around my age, and it seems like there’s even a good deal of you out there that are younger than me.

But I was also immediately struck by how exclusive, pompous, and angry the group seemed.

Now wait, hear me out. This is not meant to be an attack.

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Yep, which is why I just block/ignore the person once they try to start something. I also do not like people who make fun of others for past posts. People learn or made mistakes. Why keep mentioning old posts and how bad it was or putting them down?