A lot of moving tanks soon. Will update when I am finish in the next few weeks. That is why I have not posted any photos of the old tanks. Going to work on some more betta photos as I still need to sell off more.

Sorry to all interested in the bettas. I would love to ship them to you guys but as of right now, shipping will not work out. No supplies and time to drop it off at my main/center PO, where all live animals have to be dropped off. That is about a 40 minute drive, one way, to the other side of town and I do not have that much free time between volunteer and work hours. Local pickup works as I usually have someone home/help if I am not available to meet up during a set time. I am very sorry!

So tomorrow is the only day I am free. Put up a sale post on the bettas growing out. $5 for 5, randomly netted. I wish more betta hobbyists lived near me as these local people expect good ass quality bettas for cheap. When I say cheap, most will not pay more than $8 for a nice looking betta. Like I said, they do not understand show standards and look for color instead. So many spoon heads and scale faults. I just gave up after trying a few times to tell members there what a good or breeder quality betta should be/look like.

Plus, only two or three out of the 500+ members in that FB group get their stock from different sellers. The rest get their stock from a local importer who gets it from one Thailand breeder/seller. No variety in breeders which is why I see a lot of bad genes from their fish.

This was the only way I could get a video of him in the jar as I was taking photos of the others. Swims too fast. He is about 2.5 months. 

I officially hate UPS. The imported bettas were shipped UPS and was suppose to be here before 10:30am but now it is past 11am. Checked the tracking number and it said, “notice left.” Liar! I was home in the living room and did not hear a knock or even the truck. I am not that deaf. I see no notice and am pretty sure they could not finish their route for the day and just scanned the box as notice left. This is why I hate these shipping companies. Trust the PO more here.

If you have a Pet Supplies Plus near you, they have a $1 per gallon sale on their tanks. I believe it started August 21 and ends on September 24. I am not positive on the dates but check their website or call to make sure. I do not have one locally but the brand is Aqueon tanks. Tank sizes are 10g, 20g, 29g, and 55g. No 40g. Good luck!

Yes, I cull heavily on fry so my breeders are top quality. From a batch of 70+, I will most likely end up with less than 10, five being the average when actually using them to breed. My grow outs, usually used as feeders, are not going to be $1 each. I used my own money to feed them to grow up to be big enough. Being $3 each is already cheap enough for the ones that did not meet the cut for breeders. Nothing wrong. Just the wrong color, one or two scale faults, does not meet what I am looking for in standards, or branching. The really bad ones are the first to be culled off. Bad culls should not be made to breed.

Young kids on that FB page expect free fish all the time. I just want to tell them to get a job and learn to pay bills. I worked since I turned 16. Pretty sure they can too so they can make enough money to use on the hobby.