Remember, you must be a follower of this tumblr (hillstreamtanks) and like the giveaway post to be put onto the random list. No need to re-blog or to follow my main tumblr. Just like so I know you are interested in the nerites. Please read the “guidelines” for more info.

Well I think I am going to get them as she has another species of loaches I have been looking for. Just emailed to see what she has in stock since she just came back from the CatCon. Why does FedEx shipping have to be so expensive…All way from the East coast.

For the nerite giveaway, I may have to postpone shipping until November 10 or 11th, to the “winners” at the latest. I may end up going out of town the 3rd and 4th. As of right now, the shipping date is either November 3rd or 4th but I am just letting you guys know in case I have to postpone it to the following week (10th or 11th). 

I forgot to mention that the samurai male bred a few days ago. Moved out the eggs into its own container in a heated tank and pretty much got a 99% hatching rate. Tons of fry, 200+, for these first time breeders. Reason the eggs were moved is that many of the males were eating their fry. Did not want to take the chance. Still a good male betta as he built a very large nest and tended to the eggs before separating. Hopefully, there is at least one offspring like him.

Olive nerite snails - Giveaway for followers

Two winners; 4 olive nerites each. Snails’ shell might not be in the best shape as I bought them online.


  • Must be a follower of this tumblr. I will check to see if you do (for the two “winners”). If you are not a follower, the snails will go to the next person who is a follower.
  • Like this post. You do not need to re-blog. Just like the post so I know you are interested.
  • I will reblog this post only twice.
  • Must be from the 48 cont. US. Sorry, I cannot ship international or to Hawaii/Alaska because of customs and shipping live animals.
  • Your tumblr username will be entered into a list and random generator will pick the winners.
  • I will contact you within two days of the end date.
  • Make sure to have your inbox/ask open. If I do not see a inbox/ask, I will try to tag you in case but I would prefer if you have it open to make it easier to contact you.
  • I will only wait THREE days from the day I contact you. If you do not reply back within that time frame, the prize will go to the next person.
  • Please research about the care before entering as I would like them to go to a good home.
  • Must be able to give me an address you want the items sent to.
  • I will pay for USPS priority shipping so you do not need to worry about anything but giving me an address and receiving the stock.
  • I do not have cold, heat packs, or styrofoam so please make sure your weather is good enough to ship. I can use newspaper and such as insulation but do not have styrofoam.
  • Important: Please check your weather. My weather is mostly good enough to ship out whenever but I do not know about yours. Let me know if it is going to be cold so I can either have it held at your PO.
  • Make sure you or someone is home to receive the snails. Priority usually takes 3 to 4 days. I will give you a delivery confirmation number once I ship out.
  • Stock will be randomly picked and cannot guarantee a certain size.
  • Any likes after the deadline will not count so please make sure you are within the time frame.
  • Any questions, feel free to ask. I will try to get back to you but usually Saturday is my full shift day so replies will most likely not be answered that day.
  • My main tumblr is “shuwae” so you may end up getting a reply from that one or not…

Giveaway ends on Tuesday October 28th, 2014 at 10pm Pacific time zone. I would like to ship out the following Monday, November 3rd.

**Photos are of the nerites. They will be randomly picked. Most have shell faults. Dime shows sizes of most nerites.