I officially hate UPS. The imported bettas were shipped UPS and was suppose to be here before 10:30am but now it is past 11am. Checked the tracking number and it said, “notice left.” Liar! I was home in the living room and did not hear a knock or even the truck. I am not that deaf. I see no notice and am pretty sure they could not finish their route for the day and just scanned the box as notice left. This is why I hate these shipping companies. Trust the PO more here.

I really need to hurry up and practice so I can take the test to apply for better jobs. Part time job but at least it relates to my career field and pay $12 starting compare to $9 and more work. Plus, no uniforms to wear. Oh, how I hate work uniforms. Always a chance I might get hired for full time too. More money to use for the fish hobby…haha.

If you have a Pet Supplies Plus near you, they have a $1 per gallon sale on their tanks. I believe it started August 21 and ends on September 24. I am not positive on the dates but check their website or call to make sure. I do not have one locally but the brand is Aqueon tanks. Tank sizes are 10g, 20g, 29g, and 55g. No 40g. Good luck!

Yes, I cull heavily on fry so my breeders are top quality. From a batch of 70+, I will most likely end up with less than 10, five being the average when actually using them to breed. My grow outs, usually used as feeders, are not going to be $1 each. I used my own money to feed them to grow up to be big enough. Being $3 each is already cheap enough for the ones that did not meet the cut for breeders. Nothing wrong. Just the wrong color, one or two scale faults, does not meet what I am looking for in standards, or branching. The really bad ones are the first to be culled off. Bad culls should not be made to breed.

Young kids on that FB page expect free fish all the time. I just want to tell them to get a job and learn to pay bills. I worked since I turned 16. Pretty sure they can too so they can make enough money to use on the hobby. 

Okay, I think I am done with all my stuff today. Just need to print out labels at night. 

I went to the LFS and picked up another ranchu. Not the best looking, with a curvier back but I think it is better than the others in the tank. I just wanted to add a companion with my other one. Water change on a lot of tanks: 40 breeder, macrostoma, and fancy bettas. I had to use buckets for the macrostoma tank and I am just tired. Have not used buckets in forever.

Sorry to all who messaged me yesterday and today. I will not be able to fully respond to you until Sunday late afternoon. Just got off work from a busy shift. I have to clean my tanks, catch some fish to be shipped out Monday, and go to my LFS for some food Sunday morning. It does not mean I am ignoring you. Just want to find enough time to fully respond to any questions or needed advice. Plus, I need to type on my laptop, not my ipad as it is not easy to type as much as I want in the replies.